Life through a lens

March, 2019
Summer by the Lake
May, 2018
Latest Work
March, 2019
Yorkshire Break
Pocklington and the surrounding area offered some great photo opportunities
October, 2019
Ashstead Park
This set were taken while on a late afternoon fishing trip with my family
August, 2018
A selection of images from the fouth and final leg of our South Africa Trip
August, 2018
A selection of captures from the third leg of our South Africa Trip
August, 2018
Port Elizabeth
A set of captures from the second leg of our SA Trip that included a visit to the Addo Elephant Park
August, 2018
A selection of captures from the first leg of our long awaited South Africa Trip
July, 2018
Bioparc France
I was lucky enough to visit a Biopark in southern France last summer. It’s beautiful and offers access to a wide range of bird and animal life. This collection fo uses on the bird life.
August, 2017
Latest Work
This is a selection of recent images that I have worked on or edited that are not part of a specific collection or project
March, 2017
Winters Morn
January, 2017
Monochrome 2017
An update of my original post
December, 2017
A section of images taken on a trip to this wonderful French conservation park during the summer holidays
August, 2017
Abstract Worlds
A collection of images which look at the world from indirect perspectives, focusing on detail and patterns rather than that broader picture which we see with the naked eye.
September, 2017
I Will Wait For You
I made this image on a weekend trip to Clacton Upon Sea, and it has remained one of my favourites as I feel it captures a sense of longing, even regret, on the part of the subject.
July, 2017
City in the Clouds
This is a view of Corfe, captured from the hillside to the West of Corfe Castle on a bright spring morning morning.
July, 2017
I found these Goldfinches (Carduelis carduelis) feeding happily whilst walking with my family in the Lake District neat Chapel Stile.
May, 2017
Winters Morn
Images from an early morning visit to Richmond Park in South West London.
January, 2017
Two Weeks in France
Images taken on my last family holiday in the Dordogne
September, 2016
Its a Dogs Life
Dogs are interesting to photograph often compliant but sometimes very contrary. Both these dogs are lovely and great fun to photograph.
February, 2016
Grey Squirrel
These tiny creatures live at the end of my back garden and are very entertaining to watch
January, 2016
Our new kitten Pixel, hard at play in and around our house and garden. She has quite the personality and already runs the family.
January, 2016
This project presents a series of simple portraits of young people, captured over the past few years.
December, 2015
Masked Weaver
I have always found weaver birds fascinating. These images are of the Southern Masked Weaver and were taken in South Africa
August, 2015
Natural World
A selection of images that seek to capture the wonders and beauty of the worlds animal and insect populations.
November, 2015
Here I have created images that capture a unique perspective, composition, use of colour or pattern, including the use of techniques such as intentional camera movement (ICM) or long exposure.
September, 2015
A set of long exposure seascapes, captured during an overnight stay at this well known seaside destination on the south east coast of England.
November, 2015
This series was compelled over a two year period during holiday visits Morte Point in North Devon.
November, 2015
My goal has been to create images with a unique perspective, look and feel that transcend simply recording the view before me.
November, 2015
Plant Life
These images seeks to isolate and portray the beauty of flowers and plant life, capturing their detail and often striking colours simply and with minimal distraction.
November, 2015
The sea has always fascinated me with its complex character, switching between raw power and energy and the peaceful calm of a summers evening. As I watch its motion, I often have a sense of 'being alone' and the images I have made seek to capture the sea from that viewpoint.
November, 2015
Castle in the Mist
This image of Corfe Castle taken on a trip down to the Jurassic Cost in April 2015.
April, 2015
Explore a world without colour, expressed by differing tones, varying contrast and multi-various textures.
May, 2014
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