Good landscapes images are often tricky to execute. My goal has been to create images with a unique perspective, look and feel that transcend simply recording the view before me. Hopefully I've succeeded with the images below.

Three Little Birds | D750 | ISO 200 f11 110mm 1/500s
Castle in the Mist | D750 | ISO 50 f13 35mm 20s
Ghost Walkers | D5100 | ISO 100 f9 18mm 1s 
African Nights | D750 | ISO 3200 f4 25mm 25s
First Light | D750 | ISO 200 f11  75mm 1/320s
White Water | D750 | ISO 100 f8 70mm 20s
Firebird | D5100 | ISO 400 f8 40mm 1/1000s

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